Eat Clean Challenge

You start with our popular 5 day Eat Clean Challenge which aims to kickstart you into making baby steps to leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  We find that generally, many people start well, but soon fall by the way side.  This model has been proven to help people succeed. Over the 5 days, we introduce you to 5 fundamental elements to living a healthy life as well as getting you into action through daily mini challenges.  For a small charge, we supply you with our Nutritional trial ideal trial breakfast pack, enough to last you for each of the 5 days, plus we give you great support and education about what to eat and drink through the day; when to eat, and what snacks to have etc.  You will have your personal coach right there to guide you every step of the way.  You will have the opportunity to learn in a fun environment and be able to ask questions and interact with those on the Challenge if you so wish.

We find that the more you stay engaged and participate in the support group, the more value you are going to get out of the Challenge. Even better if you invite friends and family interested in joining you, you will find even more support in your new and exciting Eat clean Challenge and help keep each other accountable.

Top tips for success :

1. Involve friends and family to join you on the Challenge from the comfort of their own homes or offices; even better, make it a friendly competition.


2. Follow the Step-By-Step 5 Day plan available to make the necessary changes for a great start on your healthy active lifestyle programme.  We focus on better meal balance, eating frequency, improved hydration and portion control.


3. Stay consistent with the Nutritional trial pack that will be used as a Healthy Breakfast during 5 Day Eat Clean Challenge with added support of helping You optimise other meals and snacks.


4. Each 5 Day Challenge starts on every Monday and finishes on Friday. Please allow 3 working days to receive your Nutrition Pack, whilst local clients who live in or around Kettering can pick up locally and benefit from a Complimentary Health Check.